Some of my favorite essential oils

I have been using essential oils for many years, but only recently started using dōTERRA. They make very high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils. Essential oils are wonderful tools to help alleviate a variety of symptoms and for overall well-being.

These are a few of my favorite uses of essential oils….

Peppermint Oil

When I am feeling congested, I will put a couple of drops of peppermint oil in my hands, rub them together and then cup them over my mouth and nose and inhale slowly for a few minutes. This almost always helps open my airways.

Also, when I feel like a fever is coming, I will rub some peppermint oil on the back of my neck to help “cool” me down and rest for a bit. It works relatively quickly.

NOTE: Be careful with peppermint oil around your eyes! It will sting…I speak from experience.


This is a new product that I started using, which is what sold me on dōTERRA products in the first place. This is now my first line when I am feeling congested from allergies, cold, flu or other respiratory crud. Breathe is a proprietary combination of laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon and ravensara. It feels less “intense” than pure peppermint oil, but it is extremely effective for opening airways. Again, I will put into my palms and rub together and cup my hands over my mouth and nose and breathe deeply. If it is before bedtime, I will rub it into some coconut oil and on my chest.  This could also be put in a diffuser.


Lavender is my go-to essential oil. If I have an insect bite or a paper cut, I will place lavender oil on it.  Lavender oil is anti-microbial, so it helps to fight infections. It is also extremely calmitive, so it is wonderful to place a couple of drops on your wrists or temples before bedtime to help sleep.


I just love rosemary oil and I combine it, almost daily, as my regular fragrance. Rosemary is uplifting and helps with respiratory issues. (Notice a trend here?) It also helps with indigestion. I make a hair rinse combining lavender and rosemary that I use each time I wash my hair and not only does it smell good, but, it makes my hair really shiny and soft.


Pardon my saying so, but vetiver is damn sexy. I combine it with passionflower, ylang ylang, vanilla, and jasmine in a little distilled water and make a light fragrance. I will also combine these together with dead sea salt to make a bath salts.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Another oil I use on my skin. Excellent for acne and other facial blemishes.

Rose Oil

I like to infuse witch hazel with rose oil to create a refreshing toner for my face after rinsing it. Rose oil is naturally antiseptic and anti-bacterial, so it is a nice way to cleanse the skin. Afterwards, I usually use coconut oil for moisturizer.


This is another dōTERRA blend that I love. This blend combines ginger, peppermint, tarragon, fennel, caraway, coriander and anise, all which aid in digestion. When I have an upset stomach, I will rub a few drops of this combined with coconut oil on my tummy. It can also be taken internally, so you can place a few drop into a capsule and take with a few sips of water.

These are just a few of my favorite essential oils that I use on a regular basis. There are dozens more. Please visit dōTERRA for the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils available on the market today.

Dawn Marie
Lotus Whisperer | Lotus Wellness Works
Dawn Marie has been a longtime advocate for all forms of healing from biomedical to complementary. Having struggled with various health issues herself, she shares her journey and insights to help others who are struggling with chronic conditions.