Reiki is a gentle hands-on form of healing that is useful for a variety of conditions including:

  • stress reduction and stress-related aliments
  • pain reduction or elimination,
  • releasing tension, depression, anxiety, emotional balancing, self-esteem, mental clarity
  • fatigue, problems sleeping
  • maintaining general wellness
  • making or handling changes in your life
  • relationships (singles, couples, families)
  • trauma, grief
  • sexual/physical/emotional abuse
  • pre and post surgery (relaxation before surgery, reduce recovery time, and help with pain management)
  • help to reduce side affects of medications or treatments (including individuals with cancer)
  • living with chronic conditions
  • mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing
  • improving immunity
  • individuals in hospice comfort care

Reiki is not meant to replace medical care but is used as complementary care to help you achieve ultimate wellness.

Before a Reiki session, we will discuss what is happening in your life. Are you having trouble in a relationship, dealing with a health condition or under a tremendous amount of stress? All of these things can be important factors in the treatment session.

You will be asked to lie down, fully clothed, resting comfortably under a thin blanket. I will rest my hands gently on your just above your body. If you have any issues with touch, we will discuss beforehand. The areas I treat will be head, neck, chest, shoulders, stomach, arms, legs, back and feet typically. Consultation is approximately 15 minutes, the Reiki session will last approximately 45 minutes.

If you are interested in scheduling a session, please contact me.