The Path to Transformation

The path to real transformation

The path to real transformation

I started going back to the Y towards the end of my semester and have been waffling about taking Yoga for Transformation (YFT) at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis again this summer. YFT was an amazingly significant shift in my life and helped me find a path that I knew existed, but was unable to unearth on my own and many of the lessons I learned during that four week session I still carry in my toolbox. At the Y, I take a class called Body Flow that is a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Meditation. I love it. A number of years ago, one of my instructors encouraged me to become certified to teach and while in-training, I became sick. It took a year, but, I was eventually diagnosed with cancer. I never pursued the certification. After speaking to another instructor who said that they don’t offer regular certifications, I realized that my desire to be certified in teaching Flow may or may not happen any time soon. I began looking at YFT again.

I was talking to a girlfriend who is thinking about becoming certified to be a Yoga instructor, and that’s when it hit me. Yoga has been this massive undercurrent in my life and while YFT is simply wonderful – what is more transformative than going through a 230 hour yoga study program and becoming certified to teach yoga? Pretty much, not much. I looked up upcoming training and discovered that they were going to start teaching one on June 22. I signed up that night. Where will this next path take me, I won’t know until I get on it. But, I’ve got on my walking shoes and ready to discover the twists and turns as they come.

Dawn Marie
Lotus Whisperer | Lotus Wellness Works

Dawn Marie has been a longtime advocate for all forms of healing from biomedical to complementary. Having struggled with various health issues herself, she shares her journey and insights to help others who are struggling with chronic conditions.