Level One Reiki Attunement

Today, I received attunement for level one Reiki practice. Over the years, I have received many Reiki treatments from various practitioners and always felt profoundly healed after each session. I decided it was time to go deeper to learn this healing art and begin to share the healing I have experienced with others.

Attunement is something that is difficult to describe. Reiki is a spiritual practice, based in energy and mysticism. It is not religious and therefore, doesn’t conflict with any systems. It is about becoming a conduit and utilizing universal life force to initiate healing. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, but, blockages in pathways, known as meridians, can interfere with our natural healing processes. Reiki helps to open up these pathways so that we can obtain our highest level of healing.

Reiki I was a day long class. The first half of the class went over the history and philosophy of Reiki,reviewing hand positions for treating yourself and others and the attunement ritual performed by my Reiki Master. We then gave ourselves a Reiki treatment before breaking for lunch. The second half of the class we gave and received a Reiki treatment from another classmate. My partner was Angel, who is currently a licensed massage therapist, so she is used to performing bodywork. I felt fortunate that we paired up. I have received many, many forms of bodywork over the years, but I have never been sure of my ability to perform bodywork on another person as it always feels so invasive. Angel was very helpful for me by giving me advice and tips. She reminds me a dear friend who lives in Canada, so we connected on a level deeper than you normally would with a random classmate. It also turns out that her brother is a customer of the company I do marketing for. Go figure. People like to think the Twin Cities is a huge metropolis, but, really, it’s just Mayberry with skyscrapers.

The treatment I received from Angel was very relaxing and I was appreciative. It’s been some time since my last Reiki session and I could feel I was due. We were told by our Master to drink lots of water as our bodies would be going through a detoxification process the next 24 hours or so. What surprised me is that when I got home, I was nearly immobile with etreme exhaustion. I dragged my dogs up to bed to “take a nap.” While I did have to wake up to feed them a short time after lying down, I ended up going back to bed immediately afterward and resumed my “nap” – for five and a half hours. When I woke up I was still wearing the clothes I left the house in that morning! As I wrote this I realize that exhaustion that is still overtaking my body. I decided to look at some Reiki sites online and they said this was not an uncommon occurrence after a treatment or attunement. Generally speaking, the healing process – what is sometimes also called “healing crises” can have various side effects, even flu-like symptoms, depending on the level of healing the body is going through. The good news is – this healing crises – is not a bad thing. It is just indicates that healing is taking place. Here is a wonderful article talking about healing crises after a Reiki treatment or attunement.

In the meantime, I will continue my Reiki self-treatments, on my canine companions, friends and family members while  continuing to expand my own consciousness on this healing art.

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Dawn Marie
Lotus Whisperer | Lotus Wellness Works
Dawn Marie has been a longtime advocate for all forms of healing from biomedical to complementary. Having struggled with various health issues herself, she shares her journey and insights to help others who are struggling with chronic conditions.