Why the lotus is important to me


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When I started thinking about moving toward holistic wellness coaching and why it was important to me, I kept gravitating towards the lotus flower and its rich symbolism in Eastern traditions.

In Buddhism, the lotus is a symbol of fortune. Let’s think about the type of environment that the lotus lives in…muddy, murky water. Even in this environment, the lotus is able to achieve its ultimate goal, to rise out of the murk and become a gorgeous blossom. A symbol of rebirth.

There are many, many more meanings for the lotus flower including color, but for me, the concept of rebirth and transformation was so important.

Having struggled with massive health issues and rising above them, I truly believe that my success has been not only in the hands of skilled doctors and surgeons and nurses, but also in the hands of the skilled practitioners in nutrition, naturopathy, energy healers, qi gong, massage and chiropractic practitioners. It’s also been in my own hands as I have always followed my own path, advocating for myself with all my practitioners to find the treatments courses that are right for me. I wish to share my experiences with others and help them find the best course for them in their own healing journeys.

No Mud, No Lotus - Thick Nhat Hahn

No Mud, No Lotus – Thick Nhat Hanh

Here is a wonderful quote from Buddhist Monk Thick Nhat Hanh to meditate upon, “No mud, no lotus.”  You are the lotus and no matter what murky water that surrounds you, have the ability to blossom and thrive.

Dawn Marie
Lotus Whisperer | Lotus Wellness Works
Dawn Marie has been a longtime advocate for all forms of healing from biomedical to complementary. Having struggled with various health issues herself, she shares her journey and insights to help others who are struggling with chronic conditions.